Wolfgang Braun

Wolgang Braun

Wolfgang was exposed to BDAL in 1995 on a worldwide executive education study tour. He met Yury Boshyk, when he was setting up the Global Exective Learning societey at this time located at the Theseus International Management Institute in Sophia Antipolis/France, where he was Professor for Strategy and Org. Learning.
Wolfgang worked since 1990 in the Daimler Service Group in Business Development and has acquired 28 companies, which he integrated successfully and increased revenues and profits in his operational assignments. He was offered, to establish the Daimler Corporate University in joining the HR department as VP International Executive development in 1995. As Head of the 1st. Daimler Corp. University founded in 1996, he was inspired by AL and designed an integrated global management programme, as a global distant learning programme, to accelerate the transformation of the existing Management Programme of Daimler to the needs of a Integrated Technology supplier and Global Player. Existing programs (consortium programs, colloqiums and executive programmes) were aligned with the Daimler corporate strategy using corporate assignments from the Daimler board to be adressed in the Corporate University courses and to be executed onsite in Europe, Americas and Asia. Every year 500 of the 2000 worldwide Top Managers were invited to attend in the Daimler University Executive programmes.
The Corporate Development design is explained in Dr. Yury Boshyk`s first book on BDAL as a Global Best Practice (published 2000). With the Daimler Cooperation with Capgemini (1993: for worldwide IT-Services) and Mitsubishi (1996: family car for China), the Mercedes M-class production in Alabama / USA (1997), Chrysler Merger (1988) and the German Aerospace and Defense integration with EADS and Airbus Industries (1999) the Corporate University became the vehicle for global executive learning across Daimlers divisions Mercedes, DASA, AEG and debis.

In his role as Dean of Daimler University, Wolfgang was nominated to the IMD (Lausanne / CH) advisory council in 1997 and as research partner of USC (Los Angeles / USA) leadership development in 1998. He teaches strategy courses in European Business Schools and continues to coach leaders in global business environments.

In 2000 Wolfgang returned to the IT business, where he started his carreer at HP in 1983 after his Engineering Degrees (BS in Germany and MS in USA). As Managing Director he was member of the European Board of META Group Inc. (acquired by Gartner in 2003) where he expanded the worldwide Consulting practice from 20 to 200 IT-Consultants in the „new economy“ decade.

Frequent attendance at the GEL Forum, AL continued to help Wolfgang in Business Crisis Situations (i.e. TollCollect in Germany), in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions and in business transformations (Change Managememt, Outsourcing, Project Execution).

In 2004, Wolfgang started his own consulting companies with the META M&A Management Buy Out from Gartner and the foundation of Kompetenzhaus as partner of the Institute of International Business Relations (IBR) to offer open MBA degree programs to Small Medium sized Enterprises (SME).

Wolfgang is a Affiliate oft he Global Forum and with Kompetenzhaus a GEL Collaboration Partner. He resides in Tuebingen / Germany and in Burgundy / France and can be reached at:


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