Global Executive Learning provides thought leadership in several different ways. We are recognized as the world leader in our knowledge of the various varieities of Action Learning and Blended Learning. We are often asked to run Workshops and give presentations on these topics, as well as to assess the present state of executive and leadership development offerings in organizations.

We are also invited to present our research and analysis of present and emerging global trends that affect companies and countries.

Please see the link to our publications and some of our public presentations.

North America Office
151 Bay Street, Suite 302
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1R 7T2
Phone Number
Canada / USA+1 613 884 7271
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email gel 2019
Europe Office
1300 Route des Crêtes - BP 255
06905 Sophia Antipolis Cédex 05
Phone Number
Europe / France+33 6 0832 6886
Email Address
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