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The ANNUAL GLOBAL FORUM ON ACTION LEARNING, LEADERSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is an international community of practice. It is by-invitation-only, not-for-profit, and limited to 100 participants. The Global Forum does not allow representatives from the media in order to ensure openess and confidentiality.

It has been held since 1996 and is organized by Global Executive Learning in collaboration with Global Forum community members, almost always in a different part of the world. Among the locations have been the south of France (Nice), St. Louis, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Montreal, Dublin, Seoul, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, Yokohama, Melbourne, Palo Alto, Rio de Janeiro, Davos and Cambridge (UK).

The 2022, 25th Global Forum is postponed to 21 - 23 March, 2022. Participation involves representatives from major global and regional companies and organizations from the private, public and civil society sectors, academics, selected consultants who attend with a client.

The content addresses many aspects, practices, dilemmas and trends in management and executive education and development, from the strategic intent of companies and organizations to how executive and management education is integrated with these objectives actual practice throughout the world. With only a few keynotes, the Global Forum is very informal and interactive. Is is the most international and ecumenical of all the meetings of its kind.

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