A Guide to Business Driven Action Learning (forthcoming)

Yury Boshyk and Global Executive Learning, 2015 (forthcoming)

A handbook and practical guide on how to initiate and implement Business Driven Action Learning in organizations and conmpanies -- for executives and practitioners.

al applications ybAction Learning and Its Applications

Robert L. Dilworth and Yury Boshyk, editors, 2010.
Basingstoke-New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Contributions about Action Learning in health care, the military, education civil society, business, government. The second part deals with themes: the practical primacy of questions in Action Learning by Marilee Adams, teams in Action Learning, Action Learning and Organization Development by Warner Burke, Action Learning and the Learning Organization by Victoria Marsick, Judy O'Neil and Karen Watkins, Action LEarning and Action Research by Verna Willis, and Future Search as Action Learning. The third part, Perspectives, has articles from participants in Action Learning, Action Reflection Learning, and BDAL company programs, including contributions from program directors and managers. The volume concludes with articles on reflection in Action Learning and the Future of Action Learning. Contains an obituary about Robert L. Dilwoth (1936-2009) by Verna Willis.

al-healthcareAction Learning in Healthcare: A Practical Handbook

John Edmonstone, Hazel Mackenzie, | 01.2011

alip pedlerAction Learning in Practice (4th Edition)

Edited by Mike Pedler, Gower 01.2012

al social work abbott taylorAction Learning in Social Work

Christine Abbott and Paul Taylor, 08.2013

Action Learning Pocket Companion: A Practical Booklet for Learning Set Members

Ian Hall, 2012
Available from Ian Hall | Tel: +44 (0) 1540 673 821

al worldwide ybAction Learning Worldwide: Experiences of Leadership and Organisational Development

Yury Boshyk, 09. 2002

Contributions to this volume were, for the most part, from practitioners and some academics. Part I addresses the question What is Action Learning? Context and Approaches, with articles on the Classic or Traditional Approach (Krystyna Weinstein); Action Reflection Learning and Critical Reflection Approaches (Lyle Yorks, Judy O'Neil and Victoria Marsick), and Why Business Driven Action Learning? (Yury Boshyk). Part II looks at Action Learning in North and South America with the following topics: How Companies Plan and Design Action Learning Management Development Programs in the US: Lessons from Practice (Steve Hicks); General Electric's Action Learning Change Initiatives: Work-Out and the Change Acceleration Process (Bev Davids, Carl Aspler and Bonnie McIvor); Using Action Learning to Develop Human Resource Executives at GE (Peg Tourloukis); Eli Lilly's Getting to the First e-Business Program (Laura Dorsey and Scott Byrd); a start-up company and learning (Dean Hopkins); Action Learning in the Canadian Public Service (Charles Brassard); and an overview of Action Reflection Learning in Latin America (Isabel Rimanoczy). Part III covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa with contributions on the Nordic Region (Ake Reinholdsson); French Multinationals (Nicolas Rolland); the World Council of Churches (Konrad Raiser and R. Morgan Gould); Poland (Grazyna Lesniak-Lebkowska), Israel (Shlomo Maital et als), and South Africa (Brian Isaacson). Part IV looks at Action Learning in Asia Pacific with articles on Korea (Taebok Lee), Japan (Mika Nakano Honjo), Merck in Hong Kong (Richard Pearson), China (Lichia Yiu and Raymond Saner), and an article on Tibetan Buddhism and Action Reflection Learning (Lars Cederholm).

al lod publlic ServicesAction Learning, Leadership and Organizational Development in Public Services

Cynthia D. McCauley, D. Scott Derue, Paul R. Yost, Sylvester Taylor | 11.2013

al history evolutionAction Learning: History and Evolution

Yury Boshyk and Robert L. Dilworth, editors, 2010.
Basingstoke-New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Part 1 on the book has articles on Explaining Traditional Action Learning: Concepts and Beliefs by R.Dilworth; Remembering Reg Revans: Action Learning's Principal Pioneer by Albert E. Barker; Reg Revans: Sources of Inspiration, Practice, and Theory by Y. Boshyk, A.E. Barker and R. Dilworth; Revans: The Man and the Legacy, by D. Botham, R. Dilworth and Y. Boshyk; National Level Experiments with Action Learning: Belgium and Beyond by D. Bellon, R. Dilworth and Y. Boshyk; Part 2 discusses the Evolution of Action Learning. Articles in this section include a detailed chronology of the life and times of Reg Revans and original background information on the many varieties of Action Learning entitled Milestones in the History and Worldwide Evolution of Action Learning by Y. Boshyk, A.E. Barker and R. Dilworth; and ending with Action Learning in Different National and Organizational Contexts and Culture by R. Dilworth and Y. Boshyk. The volume concludes with a chapter on Action Learning Today: Resources, Networks, and Communities of Practice by Y. Boshyk and R. Dilworth; and a collection of photographs relating to Reg Revans and other Action Learning initiatives, and with a Glossary about Action Learning prepared by R. Dilworth.

bdal ybBusiness Driven Action Learning: Global Best Practices

Yury Boshyk, 12. 1999

A collection of company and organizational practices with Action Learning written by practitioners from those companies. These include: Daimler, Dow, DuPont, General Electric, Heineken, Hoffman La Roche, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, NatWest, Philips, Scancem (now Heidelberg Cement), Siemens, Shell, and Volkswagen. Part II looks at some aspects of Action Learning such as teamwork and group work; facilitation, organizing "Outside-In" or "Learning Expedition" dialogues and meetings, and a very useful toolkit and checklist written by Stephen Mercer then with GE. For the most part, the approaches used are the "Americanized or modified" version of Action Learning but some are also good examples of "blended learning". Also published in Korean, translated by Taebok Lee.

Do Action Learning, if you want to succeed (Published in Korean).

Dr. Hyeon-Cheol Bong, 2012

eperience diven leadre developmentExperience-Driven Leader Development

Cynthia D. McCauley, D. Scott Derue, Paul R. Yost, Sylvester Taylor | 11.2013

How To Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer: The Five Qualities that make Salespeople Great

Weinstein, Harold
Greenberg, H., Weinstein, H. & Sweeney, P. 2001. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

Based upon four decades of research with more than 25,000 companies worldwide, this book provides key insights regarding how personality and intrinsic motivation play critical roles in determining job performance, logentivy and success.  Examples across a variety or roles and industries provide strategies for undertanding the strengths and limitation of team members; identifying and benchmarking the key qualities that distinguish top performers; establishing strategies for selecting and retaining top talent; and providing practical methods for developing the potential of team members. 

understanding al ONeil MarsickUnderstanding Action Learning

Judy O'Neil Ed.D., Victoria J. Marsick Ph.D., 11. 2007

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