Yury Boshyk
Yury BoshykChairmanemail to Yury
Karl-Georg Degenhardt
Karl-Georg DegenhardtSenior Partneremail to Karl
Chantal Fleuret
Chantal FleuretCFO & Senior Partner email to Chantal
Michellana Y. Jester
Michellana Y. JesterSenior Partner email to Michellana
Åke Reinholdsson
Åke ReinholdssonSenior Partner (Emeritus)email to Ake
Harold Weinstein
Harold WeinsteinSenior Partneremail to Harold
North America Office
151 Bay Street, Suite 302
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1R 7T2
Phone Number
Canada / USA+1 613 884 7271
Email Address
email gel 2019
Europe Office
1300 Route des Crêtes - BP 255
06905 Sophia Antipolis Cédex 05
Phone Number
Europe / France+33 6 0832 6886
Email Address
email gel 2019

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