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Åke Reinholdsson is a Swedish HR specialist and consultant. Since 1999 he is a partner in Global Executive Learning (GEL), which designs and actualizes executive development strategies and programs for leading companies world wide.

During the past ten years Åke has acted as coordinator and coach in development programs for a number of global companies including: Boeing, Baxter Healthcare, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Deutsche Post/DHL, Eli Lilly, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Novo Nordisk, Pirelli, and Volvo Car Corporation. He has completed several projects for companies and organisations based in Sweden.

Åke started his professional career in Philips Electronics N.V. in 1969 coordinating people development initiatives for the Swedish and Nordic organizations. In 1975 he was appointed HR director for one of the major industrial units for professional electronic systems.

For five years in the eighties Åke worked as a senior consultant for PA International based in London (executive search) and Caliper Inc, based in Princeton, USA (selection and development).

In 1990 Åke became VP of HR and member of the executive committee of the industrial conglomerate, KF Industri AB. During a period of two years several daughter companies were restructured, sold or prepared to go public. As a board member of daughter companies he had an important role in the most critical change initiatives and processes.

In the early nineties the financial situation of the City of Stockholm became difficult. The many activities ranging from infrastructure systems (energy, water supply, public transportation) to schools and social welfare needed to downsize and outsource parts of their activities. In 1992 Åke became the director of HR responsible for the central people strategies, policies, and negotiations reporting to the Mayor of Stockholm. During the restructuring years the organization was reduced by more than 10,000 employees.

Åke has an MSc in behavioural sciences. He has attended specialist and executive development programs in several countries. During his years as VP of HR he was member of advisory boards of the Federation of Swedish Enterprise and equal organizations. He has also served on the board of the Swedish HR Society. He has written several articles on restructuring, industrial relations and other key HR issues during his career including an overview article on Action Learning in the Nordic Region.

Åke is married to Agneta and the family lives in Stockholm.
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