Workshops / Keynotes / Presentations

Keynotes & Presentations

GEL Partners and Associates are often asked to present at company events and conferences on their respective areas of expertise.

Recent examples of Key Note Presentations Include:

MIT: Yury Boshyk: Understanding the Many Varieties of Action Learning: A Roadmap

TED Talk: Donald Sadoway: Scientific and Technological Trends

Drew Boyd:
Innovation on Demand


At the request of its clients, GEL organizes tailored Workshops for their internal participants and programs. Recent topics have been on such themes as:

Scientific and Technological Trends
Undestanding and Analyzing Global Trends
Business Driven Action Learning Facilitation
Assessment, Coaching and Mentoring
Teamwork through Cultural Immersion
Financial Acumen for Executives
Business Acumen Simulations
The Business Environment in the USA
Understanding China

The Workshops are not only designed to inform but also to lead to action on specific objectives requested by the client. These can last in duration from a few hours to several days one days depending on the purpose and context.

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