7 Components of Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL)

7 components BDALBDAL can be used to create experience-based learning systems for all enterprises: small, medium and large organizations. Action learning interventions don’t have to be limited to leaders. They can also involve a company’s stakeholders as for example, customers, suppliers, government officials and civic society NGO’s. Some aspects of the BDAL method are used in public service education as well.

While most BDAL is in the form of management and executive programs, BDAL can also be initiated in almost any context where work takes place. The crucial element with BDAL is the equally important focus on explicit organizational, team and individual learning.

There are several objectives and component parts to a BDAL approach and program. In order for BDAL to be successfully optimized, all of these components should be included and well aligned. Seven components have emerged as particularly important in building effective BDAL programs.

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