For over 25 years GEL has made it a matter of principle of serving its clients to the best of its abilities. This includes collaborating and partnering with those who "know, care and can do" something about the business challenges, issues, and opportunities being addressed by our clients.

Collaboration and partnerships are, therefore, very much in keeping with GEL's principles and practices. Among those we have partnered and continue to partner with are:

Universities and Academics:
Columbia University (Huber Institute), MIT, UniSim (Singapore);

Institutes, Think Tanks and Associations:
Brookings Instituiton (Washington), Dentsu Institute for Human Studies (Tokyo), European Policy Institute (Brussels), Global Talent Management Institute (Seoul), Institute of Public Administration (Dublin); Korean Action Learning Association (Seoul),

Business Schools and Institutes, and their Faculty:
Bocconi (Milan), CEIBS (China), DaVinci Institute (Johannesburg), European Management Institute (Berlin), GIBS (Johannesburg), Henley (Johannesburg), Harvard Business School (Boston), ILM (Lund, Sweden), Indian School of Business (Hyderabad), IESE (Barcelona and New York), INSEAD (Singapore and Fountainbleau), London Business School (London), MIT Sloan School (Cambridge, Mass), University of Cincinnati Business School (Cincinnati),

Corporate Universities and Learning Centres:
Boeing Leadership Centre (St. Louis), DP/DHL Corporate University, GE Crotonville, and Siemens Corporate University.

Accenture, Cap Gemini, IBM.


ALA is our Partner for Virtual Action Learning Sets.

And many subject-matter experts, thought leaders and government agensies throughout the world.

Assistant Professor in the Strategic Management Department of IESE Business School

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