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Karl-Georg Degenhardt is a Senior Partner of Global Executive Learning (GEL).
In his professional work he helps companied to develop new media and digitization as part of the strategic orientation.
In addition, he mainly accompanies programs and their participants who work out solutions for personal and business challenges (or even better opportunities) with the help of Transformational Learning Expedition (TLEX). His task is to support the teams as a facilitator, to find the right dialog partners within outside companies and organizations and finally to help in a structured process to optimize the results for the task.
The focus is on the participants, the program team and the company itself with its organization. GEL calls this the 3D-Learning.
For all our work GEL uses the Business Driven Action Learning approach.
Karl-Georg Degenhardt is German. He has an MBA from the University of Cologne and lives in Baden-Baden.

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