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Chantal Fleuret is a Senior Partner of Global Executive Learning (GEL), a global leader in assisting companies achieve practical and transformational results. GEL does this through Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL), an unique approach founded and developed by GEL in 1996. BDAL integrates the exploration of strategic business opportunities with organizational and executive leadership development. It is used to design, facilitate and deliver custom executive programs, cross-company B2B learning consortiums, and shorter, focused Learning Expeditions (LEX). With a network of Associates and Subject Matter Specialists, GEL has global geographic coverage and multiple competencies. For the last 20 years, GEL has assisted more than 60 leading companies around the world. Since 1996, GEL also organizes the annual Global Forum on Strategic Change, Leadership and Learning which has been attended by several thousand business and academic leaders throughout the world.

Chantal specializes in the development and facilitation of dialogs and meetings with a business’s external stakeholders, including its business and socio-political environment known as “Outside-Ins”--an integral part of the BDAL approach. These are benchmarking events among Fortune 500 company leaders, start-ups and think tanks carefully selected and organized to create mutually beneficial opportunities.
These external meetings together with facilitated debriefings bring inspiration and new perspectives, stimulate innovations, as well as highlight transformational journeys and sustainable behaviours. With more than 20 years of experience, Chantal has organized around 2000 meetings. She works with an extensive international network of Global Best Practices covering most industries and service sectors. She is also a leading member of the Global Forum Organizing Committee.

Previously, Chantal held positions at Digital/Compaq Europe as Product Manager and as Global Procurement Manager. Chantal Fleuret is French and has an MBA from the EDHEC Business School.

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